Mission, Values
& Goals
Mission, Values & Goals


7555 Falconridge Blvd NE
Calgary, AB T3J 0C9
400m South of Saddletowne LRT
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Monday-Sunday  9AM-10PM

Genesis Centre
Genesis Centre
Our Vision:

To build and sustain a strong community by encouraging community leadership, promoting volunteerism, and creating a bridge between our diverse cultures within a fun, family environment.

Core Values:

Integrity – We are committed to operating this Centre with integrity and transparency in all our partnerships, relationships and operations.

Accountability – We are committed to full accountability to the community and our partners in our financial, operational, and governing responsibilities for this Centre.

Sustainability – We are committed to ensuring fiscal and social sustainability of this Centre over its anticipated lifespan.

Creativity – We are committed to the encouragement of creative expressions of community, culture, arts, leisure, and sporting programs within this Centre.

Service – we are committed to serving the community in all the operations, programs and events that take place within this Centre.

Our Mission:

To support community-based recreation, sport, cultural and social organizations that enrich the quality of life and character of the broader community through a facility that is financially self-sustaining and professionally managed.

Our Goals:

Facilitate community leadership by providing a Centre for community-initiated programs that contribute to the development of the larger NE Community.

Increase volunteerism by supporting volunteer-based community groups.

Foster shared diversity by providing opportunities for cultural groups to host group gatherings, participate in various programs, and share their culture and art.

Encourage healthy family lifestyles by providing space for group sporting programs, leisure activities, family fun, community events, and needed support services.

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